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Do your YouTube videos have potential but haven't quite "clicked" yet?

Even if you dance like Michael Jackson or have a voice that rivals a nightingale, it can be difficult at the beginning to get many real international YouTube views.

Or maybe not. Because we at Youboost know how to generate more clicks on YouTube from the very beginning - with the combined expertise of our Google Ads certified team members. No hocus-pocus or shady tricks. We promise.

  • Advantages
    • Increase visibility & reach
    • Strengthen credibility
    • Generate interest & trust from new viewers
    • Improve brand image
    • Gain recognition
    • Boost sales and revenue
    • Benefit from the domino effect of growing click numbers
  • Duration & Delivery

      You can determine how long you want us to support you with more clicks on YouTube. The Duration starts at two days and ends whenever you want.

      Your order with us pays off quickly. After successful payment, we will set up the campaign within six hours. Once we receive the GO! from Google & YouTube shortly after, the views will start.

  • FAQ

      How are YouTube views generated?

      The views are generated through YouTube advertisements. We always work in line with the algorithm and utilize the tool Google Ads, supported by YouTube.

      Are these real YouTube views?

      The ads are displayed exactly where your target audience from your desired country sees them. These are 100% real views.

      Can buying YouTube clicks hurt my YouTube channel?

      We only provide genuine views from real people. That's why we guarantee 100% that your YouTube channel cannot be harmed or suspended by purchasing YouTube views.

      What is the watch time of each individual YouTube view?

      We guarantee a minimum watch time of 30 seconds, during which your video will be viewed by real people. Based on our experience, the average watch time for a music video is over two minutes.

      For further questions, please refer to our FAQs.FAQs.

Buy YouTube clicks - International with 15% discount

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Product information

It's a smart idea that you want to buy international YouTube views. By doing so, you give your YouTube videos a brilliant engagement boost right from the start, without having to linger in the shadow of the competition for weeks or wrestle with self-doubt because the view count isn't increasing despite having great content.

Right from filling out the input form, Youboost puts you one click ahead of others. Because ONLY with us can you not only specify the view count and target country but also define your target audience even more precisely - for even more effective advertisements.

These targeted marketing measures generate more clicks on YouTube, attract real people to your profile or offer, and result in genuine interaction - as well as a guaranteed minimum watch time of 30 seconds. The remaining duration of viewer engagement depends on the quality of your videos.

This, in turn, has a positive effect on the YouTube algorithm. A popular video is accordingly ranked higher, leading to increased exposure and generating more German YouTube views. This, in turn, strengthens trust in your videos and channel, creating the perfect foundation for automatically/organically increasing view counts.

It gets even better! By combining the purchase of YouTube views with buying YouTube likes, you can enjoy the all-in-one starter package for maximum impact.

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